Mid-Semester Assessment Process (MAP)

The MAP is an opportunity for faculty to get student feedback on a course while the course is in progress. Unlike the mandatory evaluations students fill out at the end of the semester, MAPs are done around midterm to allow faculty to make meaningful changes during the semester.The MAP is a confidential and voluntary service. To learn more, click here for a detailed discussion of the MAP guidelines.

MAPs take place around midterms, usually October in the Fall or March in the Spring, but may be scheduled well in advance.  To schedule a MAP, please contact Susan Pliner at pliner@hws.edu or (315) 781-3354, or Susan Hess at shess@hws.edu or (315) 781-3787).

Individual Consultation

Individual consults are available throughout the year, and can help faculty study their own teaching, assess their current teaching practice, and develop new strategies for improving learning.  Examples of individual consultations include:

  • Syllabus and course design
  • Reviews of course evaluations
  • Career stage discussions
  • Grading
  • Assessment design

For more information, please contact Susan Hess (shess@hws.edu or x3787) or Susan Pliner (pliner@hws.edu or x3354).

In-Class Workshops or Visits by CTL Writing Fellows or Study Mentors

CTL staff coordinate with faculty to tailor specific course enrichment to the needs of individual classes. For writing-oriented workshops, contact Susan Hess (shess@hws.edu or x3787); for oral presentation workshops, contact Ruth Shields (shields@hws.edu or x3959); for visits to classes by CTL Writing Fellows or CTL Study Mentors, contact Ingrid Keenan (keenan@hws.edu or x3832).

Syllabus Clarity Workshops

The CTL (with Learning Commons partners) offers August and January syllabus clarity workshops; these workshops use interdisciplinary peer-feedback groups to help faculty assess whether their syllabus is complete, clear, and effective in communicating a course to students. 

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Contact Susan Pliner at pliner@hws.edu or (315) 781-3354, or Susan Hess at shess@hws.edu or (315) 781-3787


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