Our policies and procedures for requesting disability or medically related housing and meal plan accommodations have changed. Please note the new deadlines:

For Fall Semester: February 15
For Spring Semester: November 15

Disability Services and the 4 CORNERSTONES

Engage: “Engaging early with the CTL helped me to to understand who I was as learner in college.”

Accomplish: “Using the resources and services available at CTL has helped me accomplish my personal and educational goals.”

Empower: “By working with the CTL, I have learned how to navigate my own learning and I feel empowered to understand what I need in any context.”

Enrich: “I can enrich the HWS community by being a visible and successful role model of and for students with disabilities.”

Mission of Disability Services

Hobart and William Smith Colleges cultivates an inclusive and supporting learning community that values the diverse learning styles of our students.  The Office of Disability Services in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is committed to providing students with disabilities access to HWS programs and activities.  We strive to provide the appropriate individualized accommodations necessary for students with disabilities to succeed.

The Office of Disability Services seeks to promote academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, and help students with disabilities take full advantage of the academic and extracurricular opportunities available at HWS.  The Coordinator of Disability Services works independently and in cooperation with other administrative offices and academic departments to:

  • Identify and implement individualized accommodations while fostering the academic and personal development of students;
  • Ensure the appropriateness of disability-related accommodations in specific courses;
  • Assist HWS and establishing policies, procedures, and facilities that are in compliance with state and federal disability laws.

Working with the Coordinator of Disability Services

Each semester students must formally request accommodations by meeting with the coordinator of disability services to determine appropriate accommodations for the semester. The coordinator reviews documentation materials to determine eligibility, evaluates requested accommodations, and negotiates with students based on their individualized accommodation plans for each semester.

The coordinator also meets individually with new students to discuss procedures and issues connected to a new learning environment, and helps them navigate a new academic culture. In addition, the coordinator is available to help students develop skills and to access the wide range of support services available at the CTL.

On this page you will find contact information, an overview of accommodations and disability services at HWS, and necessary policies and procedures, guidelines, and forms.


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