Abstract Guidelines

Abstract must conform to the content, style, and format specifics listed. Please note that CTL will be offering workshops and editing clinics to help you create the abstract. We will post times and locations, as these are determined.

Content and style

a. Include a project summary,
b. information about your motivation for the project (if appropriate), and
c. key references (at the bottom).
d. Aim for a length between 250 and 300 words,
e. write concisely and in active voice when possible, and
f. use the style and tone that are appropriate in your subject and discipline.


a. Submit in publication-ready Word format.
b. Center the title (all capital letters), then skip one line and center your name (upper and lowercase letters), and then skip one line and begin the abstract.
c. Single space.
d. Use block paragraphing.
e. For abstract text, use Times New Roman 12 pt type; for references, use Times New Roman 10 pt type.
f. Maintain 1.25" margins for top, left/right, and no less than a 1" margin at bottom.
g. For references, use the citation method appropriate to your subject.

Please review the sample abstracts provided for your reference. Understand that abstracts are subject to review and editing at the discretion of the Center for Teaching and Learning; we will be compiling the abstracts into a Senior Symposium booklet for distribution to all participants and attendees.

Worksheet for Senior Symposium Abstract Workshops


The 2021 Senior Symposium is Friday, April 16. Abstracts and registration are due Friday, March 12 at noon.

2021 Senior Symposium Book

Past Abstracts

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