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Keenan Simons '09

Keenan Simons '09

Some Math and Computer Science majors choose to enroll in an independent study course each semester, which requires them to actively engage in a research project.

Here's a recent sampling of what some of our Math and Computer Science students are researching:

  • Alex Bryce '09 worked with Professor Pau Atela of Smith College on a Phyllotaxis research project involving complex math puzzles.

  • Josh Davis '10 and Keenan Simons '09 worked with Professor David Eck on integrating GLPBbuffer and Java Graphics2D.

  • Robert Hendry '10 interned at Analog Devices in Boston where he developed tools for reliability of software and hardware. Hendry also worked with Professor Marc Corlis on an educational computer architecture for the classroom during the summer of 2007.

  • Bailey Meeker '09 worked with Professor Jon Forde on developing a mathematical model of Varicella Zoster Virus, which causes Chicken Pox and Shingles during the summer of 2008. Meeker also researched self contact in fractal trees with Professor David Brown of Ithaca College.

  • Will van Steen '09 worked with Professor Bridgeman on developing an interactive graphical web-based interface for visualizing data gathered by the YSI Water Quality Buoy during the summer of 2008.



The Math and Computer Science Club is a student-run organizations that may be of interest to students studying math.

For more information about these organizations or to learn about starting your own math-themed club, contact Cully Seamans ( in the Office of Student Activities.



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