Computer Science

News from Graduates

  • Jenn Zaleski '07 (Math) completed a Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Biostatistics at the University of Washington. She now works as a statistician for the USDA-NASS at the New England field office in Concord, NH. You can see one of her first reports on line .
  • Colin Merrick '00 (Math) led the NY Yacht Club Team Silver Panda to a U.S. Team Champoinship in October, 2007. Merrick was a former assistant sailing coach for HWS and a three-time All-American ICYRA while a student.
  • David Sugar '02 (CS) is now in his second year in the position of Helpdesk/Database Manager at The Boys' Latin School of Maryland (where he also attended high school).
  • Brooke Atwood '07 (Math) has accepted a postion with ACE USA iInsurance Underwriter in Atlanta, GA. She worked for the summer at the Cornell-New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva assisting one of the researchers with data mining.
  • Rick Beyer '07 (CS) has accepted a postion with Meditech in Framingham, MA. He starts the new position - programmer development - on September 17.
  • Chris Hagar '07 (Math) is employed at a small niche company that does search engine optimization and analyzes Web services, with clients like Yahoo and AOL.
  • Liane Gray '07 (CS) is now working as a programmer for SYSTRA in Lebanon, NH.
  • Lindsay Brown '06 (Math) is teaching middle school mathematics in Mammoth Lakes, CA (beginning in August).
  • Leya Tesmenitsky '04 (Math/Biochemistry) is finishing her masters in mathematics at Clarkson and will be going to the University of Buffalo for her PhD.
  • Carla Delucia '05 (Math) has accepted a position as a Financial Aid Counselor at Fisher College in Boston, MA. She is also teaching a college algebra course there as well.
  • Phil Fiero '06 (Math) has been hired as a Client Analyst at Health Dialog. He uses statisitics to analyze claim data and delivers the results to client healthcare companies. He works in Boston and Portland (ME).
  • Pamaela Kirby '06 (Math and Chem) is working at Cato-Meridian High School (less than an hour from Geneva). Pamela teaches two sections of Regents chemistry with all of the labs that go with it as well as two classes of Chemistry in the Community.
  • Amanda Allen '06 (Math) who was teaching 7th graders Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 at Sudbrook Magnet Middle School in Maryland just had her first child in September.
  • Mike Tien '06 has entered a Masters of Public Health program at the University of Southern California.
  • Brian Lenihan '03 (CS) is currently working for the Florida Panthers (NHL) as a Video Editor and Music Director.
  • Derrick Moore '05 (Math/Physics) is in his second year of Law School at Cornell University after working for a year at HWS as the Math Intern.
  • Karl Brautigam '04 (CS) writes: "Back in April '07, I left NBC Universal to take an interactive marketing post at Warner Bros. Entertainment (part of Time Warner – they own everything from, Time Magazine, AOL, Sports Illustrated, Warner Bros., DC Comics/Mad Magazine, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, and many other media properties). In my new role (as an interactive marketing analyst), I handle all of the web site tracking/analytics for WB Pictures’ domestic theatrical films as well as overall digital research for the interactive marketing division."
  • Dana Olanoff '99 (Math/Classics) who taught here from 2003 to 2005 is completing her Ph.D. in mathematics education at Syracuse University.



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