Recent Grants

RECENT FACULTY GRANTS (active between 2005-2010)

NSF-RUI #0653311, $170,500 (2007-2010):  “Fundamental Study of the Kinetics and Mechanism of the Reaction of Allyl Bromides at Indium Surfaces” (Bowyer)

National Science Foundation #0722178, $342,000 (2007-2010): “MRI: Acquisition of an NMR Spectrometer to Maintain Active Undergraduate Education and Research Programs” (Miller, de Denus, Pelkey)

Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award, $55,218 (2005-2009): “Solid-Phase Synthesis of Cyclic, Cysteine-Containing Natural Products and Analogues” (Miller)

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Start-up Award, $30,000 (2004-2009): “Solid-Phase Synthesis of Peptide Bioconjugates and Peptidic Natural Products” (Miller)

Department of Education #Q184N050024 (2004-2007): “Most Valuable Players – A Model Program Reinforcing Positive Norms, Correcting Misperceptions, and Reducing High-Risk Drinking Among Student-Athletes” (Craig)

NSF-MRI #0116219, $85,395 (2001-2005): “Acquisition of an Advanced High Performance GPC/SEC Instrument for Polymer Characterization” (de Denus, Craig, and Parish)

American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund, Type G, $35,000 (2004-2007): “Preparation and Investigation of Terpyridine Containing Polymers with Metal Ions Incorporated into the Polymer Backbone” (de Denus)

ACS-Petroleum Research Fund, Type G, $35,000 (2004-2007): ”Development of Tandem Metal Mediated Cyclization Reactions for the Total Synthesis of Alkaloid Natural Products” (Pelkey)

Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar, $46,018 (2003-2005): ”Regiocontrolled Synthesis of Complex Pyrrole Heterocycles” (Pelkey)

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Start-Up Grant, $20,000 (2001-2006): “New Synthetic Approach to Staurosporine Derivatives, Potent Inhibitors of Protein Kinase C” (Pelkey)



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