Student Research


A list of students and their research projects (2007-2008) is found below:

Ben Dahlberg ’08 (Craig)
“Measuring Late Night Blood Alcohol Concentration Levels in a College Setting”

Deirdra Evers ’09, HONORS (de Denus)
“Preparation of Molecular Wire Candidates”

William Fischer ’08 (Zuk)
Circular Dichroism Measurements”

Esthefanie Giordano ’10 (Bowyer)
“Use of Indium/Glass Sandwiches to Determine Rates of Reaction”

Malory Green ’09 (Pelkey)
“Synthesis and Reactions of Tetramic Acid Derivatives”

Anne Sessler ’09 (Bowyer)
“Detection of Unstable Intermediates during Indium Mediated Allylation”

Kailey Voellinger ’08 (Pelkey)
“Synthetic Approach to the Aristolactam Alkaloids”

Sarah Yoon-Miller ’09 (Pelkey)
“Synthesis and Reactions of Tetramic Acid Derivatives”



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