A Career Development Plan

Pathways encourages and motivates you to discover, explore and experience all of your academic, personal and career-related interests. What sets this program apart is its length and breadth, featuring a support network dedicated to sustaining growth and success in the professional development process. Students are motivated and kept on track using tools and opportunities as workshops, experiential learning, career counseling and on-the-job training (internships/externships and student employment).

College is a time for exploration of new ideas, cultures and experiences. The HWS community believes that the professional path that starts in college should incorporate the very nature of college itself. To that end, we offer a wide range of resources to help you explore your interests, passions and talents to determine what it is that you love and what type of career you could have in which it feels like “time flies by.”

We surround you with people dedicated to helping you learn, grow and succeed. This results in a collaboration between you, the student, and members of our extended community:

Career Services Staff

  • Provides assessment of interests, skills and values
  • Focuses on how to attain experiences relevant to professional goals
  • Sponsors workshops to help students prepare for professional endeavors
  • Sponsors career focused alumni panels to help students attain a “real world” perspective as well as networking opportunities
  • Offers a wide range of resources for exploration, internship possibilities and job/graduate school searches

Alumni and Alumnae

  • Provide insight into professional fields and career directions
  • Advise as to how to prepare, get involved and align goals with action
  • Offer “real world” knowledge and expertise

Faculty Advisers

  • Offer assistance with course selection and requirements
  • Provide assistance in choosing a major that’s in line with student learning interests
  • Help students apply their chosen major to experiential learning
  • Offer advice on gaining experience and networking with employers, alumni/ae and other community members

Parents and Family Members

  • Provide motivational support for student interests and goals
  • Stay up-to-date on student progress and plans
  • Provide additional networking resources and opportunities

First-year students are informed of the Pathways program at the start of the year, typically during orientation. (Students in any class year are welcome to participate regardless of where they may be in the career development process.) Once you choose to participate, you will become familiar with and meet your support system, which includes Career Services staff, faculty advisers, future alumni and alumnae contacts and other peers involved in the program. A Career Services staff member reviews the program with each student and both agree to commit to a four year, customized plan that maintains flexibility, as interests may change over the course of the program. Planning begins with start of the Pathways workbook.


  • “Get to know you” questionnaire
  • Campus Involvement and service learning
  • Interest and personality assessment tools
  • Major-career research
  • Get to know faculty
  • Interests, values and skills brainstorm

To keep on track, you will meet regularly with Career Services staff. Progress is continually evaluated and interests, goals and values are reassessed. Students are encouraged to attain employment in order to develop professional skills. Assistance in gaining internship and externship experience is provided.


Once you have identified your interests, you will quickly see there are various ways in
which you can learn more about the areas you may have talked about as you
discover your pathway. As you explore you will:

  • Research careers using comprehensive resources
  • Learn how to network with alumni, parents and employers
  • Have the opportunity to pursue job shadow opportunities to experience “A Day in the Life”
  • Perform a gap analysis on your career fields of interest in order to develop a list of skills and knowledge needed to make you competitive


Workshops included in the Pathways program:

  • Résumé Writing
  • Informational Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Gaining Experience
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Grad School Decisions

Through participation in the Pathways program, you will gain valuable insight, understanding and experiences that build self-awareness, as well as your résumé and portfolio. Throughout the program, experiences and insights gained include:

  • Personal awareness and identification of career objectives—Discover your interests, the things you love to do, goals you want to set for yourself and where your values lie
  • Internship/externship opportunities—Apply for the many internships in your potential disciplines of interest and learn about life in the field, or look for job-shadowing opportunities through externships available during both summer and winter breaks
  • Campus and community involvement—Get involved in your community by joining clubs and volunteering through the Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning
  • Student employment—Apply for a position on campus to acquire those professional skills necessary for internships, graduate school and the world of work
  • Study abroad—Experience other cultures and environments by studying abroad in one of the many programs offered through the Center for Global Education
  • Collaborative Internship Program—Gain valuable work experience in Geneva, N.Y., through this partnership among students, faculty and worksite employers. This program features partners in a variety of industries, including human services, education, government, finance, public policy, environmental science and the arts.

These experiences enable students to develop:

  • An understanding of their interests, talents and values
  • A marketable résumé
  • Effective networking skills
  • Polished interviewing skills
  • Effective letters of correspondence
  • New and lasting relationships
  • Decision-making skills
  • Reflection on and articulation of experiences
  • Ability to define transferable skills
  • Transition from “backpack to briefcase”
  • Ability to recognize, execute and complete goals
  • Effective job search and graduate school search skills



The final stage of the career development process is your time to apply all that you have learned to secure an opportunity after graduation and begin the next chapter in your life. As you connect you will engage in activities in the following:

  • Learn how to market yourself effectively using a resume and cover letter
  • Job Search
  • Graduate School Applications
  • Volunteer Applications
  • Learn how to accept, decline and negotiate offers

We are confident that if you share this commitment to career development, you will have a firm grasp on professional objectives, the necessary steps to obtain them upon graduation as well as a return on you hard work with results!

For more information on Pathways, stop by, call or e-mail the HWS Salisbury Center for Career Services.

The Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development
Trinity Hall, Geneva, NY 14456
Phone: (315) 781-3514
Fax: (315) 781-3515


At A Glance

Assess: Tap into who you are. Assess your interests, values and skills.

Explore: Network and research careers. Get involved on campus and within the community

Experience: Develop your action plan; what are you excited about pursuing?

Connect: Step forward, put your action plan into motion and accomplish your goals








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