1. Utilize the Career Services resources
    Review the job openings posted through eRecruiting on a weekly basis and spend time at Career Services researching organizational information
  2. Define your career objective
  3. Identify your employment goals
    Identify which industry or organization you would like to work in and the responsibilities you prefer
  4. Identify your target employers
    Once you have selected the geographic location you want to live in, research organizations in that area. Review web sites, network with alums working in the field and/or at those organizations.
  5. Write resumes and cover letters
    Visit Career Services for assistance in developing targeted resumes and cover letters to mail to potential employers. Career Assistants (CA’s) are ready to help you build an effective resume.
  6. Initiate Contact
    Follow up after sending a cover letter and resume. Through telephone calls and personal contact, show your interest in working for the organization.
  7. Apply to job openings currently available
    Read want ads, Career Services' postings through eRecruiting, departmental bulletin boards, professional newsletters, etc. Send cover letters and resumes immediately as waiting may cause you to miss potential employment.
  8. Generate interviews
    The goal is to arrange as many interviews as you can. Do not wait for employers to contact you, call them first. Some interviews will be formal and others will be informational.
  9. Network
    Utilize professional associations for your field of interest, the Career Network (database of alumni, alumnae and parent career volunteers accessible through eRecruiting), faculty and their contacts, etc. to connect with people who may be able to assist you with your job search.


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