Career Programs and Events

Make sure to check the HWS events calendar, and Handshake to see the dates for all upcoming events! You can also use Handshake to register for these.

Resume Writing Workshop

This workshop teaches students how to create, format, and update content for a resume. It allows time for students to begin creating a resume and to get assistance from the presenters.

Ready, Set, Go!*

Provides an overview of services and resources, instructs students on how to successfully search for jobs and internships, and use Handshake.
*Requirement for the Guaranteed Internship/Research/Funding Program

Networking 101*

This workshop covers the essential skills for networking, and how to have and maintain a positive online presence.
*Requirement for the Guaranteed Internship/Research/Funding Program

Interview Essentials*

This workshop covers things like what to wear, how to prepare, how to answer the hard questions and following up. It helps you to learn the basics of interviewing for internships, jobs or graduate programs.
*Requirement for the Guaranteed Internship/Research/Funding Program

LinkedIn Photobooth

Students can come into the office during business hours to have their professional headshot taken for use on LinkedIn. We also partner with the Communications Office to host a LinkedIn Photo Booth in Scandling once a semester.

Cover Letter Writing Workshop

The Cover Letter Writing Workshop goes over the fundamentals of constructing a cover letter.

Resume/Cover Letter Clinic

The Career Counselors in the Salisbury Center hold weekly resume/cover letter clinics.  These are for students who need to make quick updates to their materials, or need them looked over quickly before they submit them to opportunities. These are 20 minute appointments, and are not recommended for students who are still in the beginning stage of developing their resume and cover letter.

To schedule a resume/cover letter appointment email, call 315-781-3514, or stop by the office!

Graduate School Decisions

This workshop covers the application process and timeline for graduate programs.

Industry Info Sessions

These information sessions are offered in both the fall and spring semesters, and give students an opportunity to learn about the different sectors.

  • Clinical Internships Information Meeting
  • Health Professions Information Sessions
  • Careers in Communications
  • Careers in Finance
  • Careers in Sports
  • Careers in Fashion
  • Careers in Public Service and Government
  • Careers in Education
  • Careers in Social Justice and Advocacy
  • Careers in Science
  • Careers in Creative Arts and Design
  • Careers in Tech

Career Treks

Events provided during winter and spring break that allow you to network and learn more about particular industries. All programs are coordinated in conjunction with alum and parent participation as site hosts and speakers. You can learn about career opportunities and how to prepare for them. Programs that have been provided in the past include:

Job Shadow

The Salisbury Center's Job Shadow/Informational Interview program runs formally over winter break, but we can assist students with finding one for any time.  This opportunity allows you to get a first-hand look at what a typical day in a career is like.  Student apply for these opportunities via Handshake, and by filling out the job shadow application (PDF).

Professionals in Residence

Alumni/ae and Parents return to campus to share their perspectives with you regarding their respective industries. Speakers typically talk about their career paths and current positions, as well as offer advice about working in their field and what it takes to be a marketable candidate. They are then available the following day for informational interviews.

Salisbury Diversity Fellows

The Salisbury Diversity Fellows program is targeted to sophomore students who identify as being from an under-represented minority. Anyone is welcome to apply. For more information please email or call 315-781-3514.

FLX Internship Program

FLX Summer Internship Program: Guaranteed Internship Funds
This program was established through the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education and the President’s Office to provide summer opportunities for high achieving Hobart and William Smith students. Internships allow students to explore careers, relate their academic knowledge and occupational skills and apply these relationships to diverse situations within a professional environment. As part of the FLX internship program, students will live in Odells units on campus and meet weekly with staff at the Salisbury Center for Professional, Career and Experiential Education to reflect upon their experiences as well as discuss trends and issues in the workplace.


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