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Your resume is a marketing tool that paints a picture of your skills, abilities and experiences in a way that shows potential employers, internship supervisors, and graduate schools you are a match for the position/program they have to offer. Because we all have had unique experiences, each person’s resume will be different in both structure and content; there is not one right resume. However, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to make sure your resume has the essential information needed to paint a complete picture of your qualifications.

Creating your Resume

  1. Use the Resume Worksheet. The resume worksheet will help you put your experiences on paper and begin to brainstorm.
  2. As you are thinking about your different experiences, think about the skills that you have gained from them.
  3. Complete the first draft of your resume.
    • Using your completed resume worksheet-open a word document and begin to create your resume
    • Think about different categories for your experience
    • If you are applying for something specific make sure you are targeting your audience (think of what skills they would be looking for)
    • Make sure to use action verbs, transferrable skills, and helpful tips for creating bullet points
    • Make sure your pay attention to your formatting- things should be clear and consise
  4. Bring your resume in to get feedback from the Salisbury Center.  You can email or call to schedule an appointment with a Career Assistant

Resume Tips

  • We recommend not using a template. They can look very appealing when creating a resume but can be a nightmare later on when it comes to editing
  • Your resume should not be more than one page long
  • Be consistent- your font, spacing, italics, bolding, underlining, and font size should all be the same. Do not make your font size smaller than a 10.5
  • When uploading your resume to GPS, be sure it is saved as a PDF

Helpful Handouts

Resume Guide
Actions Verbs
Transferable Skills for Athletes

(Source: St. Olaf Piper Center for Vocation and Career-


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