By Meredith Eppers '08

I'm having an amazing time here in Australia. It is enough like the states that I don't feel homesick but different enough in that I feel like I’m in another country. Every day is a new adventure, and I'm very happy and lucky to have this experience.

North Gorge Looking East

This program is perfect for science majors, particularly biology majors like me. The classes are great. I really like having the opportunity to do learning in the field, seeing and experiencing the lecture topics first hand. I love the atmosphere of learning and being productive in conjunction with being a tourist - it makes traveling have much more of a purpose, in a way. 

My homestay is also great! I'm living with very kind and generous people. The food is amazing. Tea time is big here, and I've come to love it. It's a nice relaxing, social part of the morning and sometimes the afternoon. I've also been having fun experimenting with different kinds of chocolates, candies and energy bars.

It's hard to say what has been the best part of my stay thus-far because everything has been different and unique. This past weekend a group of us traveled to the Gold Coast. We ended up having a great time but I wasn't all that crazy about the area. The Gold Coast is very touristy, so it was a lot like certain parts of the states, almost like Miami in Australia. While the coast is very built up with lots of shopping, the ocean is the ocean! I had a good time swimming, sunbathing, and walking down the beach. 

Overall, I’m having a wonderful time. I like to stay at the University sometimes during the week to see what's happening. At night we sometimes go out to the bars. Traveling and exploring the area is a large part of the fun. A couple of weekends ago a group of us went to a Rugby game which was a neat experience. Tonight a group of us are meeting for dinner to experiment with some exotic native meats and dishes - I'll have to write again to let you know how it goes.



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