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Research and Curriculum Changing with Ryan’s Fluorescence Microscope

Ryan-Jim-in-Lab-3F7A8871Professor of Biology James Ryan has designed and built a 3D printed fluorescence microscope that has the potential to impact undergraduate and high school classrooms across the country and clinical…
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HWS Grads Publish Chemical Ecology Research

Liu YuxiThree recent Hobart and William Smith graduates are co-authors on an article in the December 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Ecology, based on their summer research at Cornell…
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Dinner in Dresden

del Fabro Enos DresdenPietro del Fabro ’67 and his wife Maria are frequent travelers to Europe, having visited Italy every year for more than four decades. After a trip to Berlin, they’d been…
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Biology Lab: Castle Creek

Castle CreekWhen McKenzie Frazier ’20 took “Introductory Biology” as a first-year student, she didn’t expect to head to downtown Geneva as part of her lab work. But it was that field…
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Enzyme Kinetics

Charmaine Chung '19 and Ashton Ariola '21 work in Associate Professor of Chemistry Kristin Slade's lab doing enzyme studies to gain insight about the downstream implications in aging and disease.Chemistry and biochemistry majors Ashton Ariola ’22 and Charmaine Chung ’19 are tweaking typical lab conditions to examine how the crowded environment of a cell can alter enzyme kinetics. “Most…
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