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Ryan Authors Comprehensive Mammalogy Manual

Ryan James1With his most recent book, Mammalogy Techniques Lab Manual, published this fall by Johns Hopkins University Press, Professor of Biology James Ryan offers student-scientists a guide to practical techniques used…
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Hand-Drawn Videos Teach Med Students

The winner of the Physics Department’s 2017 Albert Holland Physics Lecture Competition, Christopher Demas ’17, who presented on the physics behind rainbows on Monday in Eaton Hall. --- students competed for a prize of $750 dollars.Histology, the study of the microscopic organization of tissues, is a foundational science for medical and pre-medical students. Christopher Demas ’17, a student at Alpert Medical School of Brown University,…
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Protecting Finger Lakes Forests

Schweiter Parke Biology Honors-3The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), a bright metallic green invasive beetle, is poised to change the composition of forests in the Finger Lakes region. But in his independent study this…
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Students Present at National Botany Conference

Straub_Lab_Mayo_Civic_CenterThis summer, HWS biology faculty and students presented the results of their summer science research at the national Botany 2018 conference in Rochester, Minn. With Assistant Professor of Biology Shannon…
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Randall ’19 Explores the Bio-Defense Mechanisms of Apples

Randall Alvin 2In a single growing season, fire blight can decimate an entire crop of apples, pears and other members of the plant family Rosaceae, posing serious problems in apple-producing regions like the…
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