Asian Studies


New Chinese Language-Learning Technology

Tung Yi Classroom-00148This semester students are utilizing new technology to practice recognizing, memorizing and writing Chinese characters. Funded by the Katherine D. Elliott ’66 Faculty Innovation Grant, the HWS Chinese program has…
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Asian Studies Focus on Religion and Environment

Syed Rizwan Zamir discusses both the beginning and the end of life from the perspective of his topic: Muslim Orientations toward Death, Apocalypse and the World-to-ComeConcluding a pair of talks organized by the Asian Studies Department, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Davidson College Syed Rizwan Zamir spoke on “Muslim Orientations Toward Death, Apocalypse, and…
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HWS Global Café

Global Cafe 5Led by student global ambassadors, Global Cafés are an opportunity for all students – including those who have returned from a study abroad program, have completed academic course work in the…
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South Korea for Padnos Scholar

Bell Chris1Christopher Bell ’19 has been chosen as the recipient of the Padnos Family Endowed Internship and Travel Award. Funded by gifts from Jeffrey S. and Margaret M. Padnos P’11, the…
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Yoshikawa on Japan’s Past

Yoshikawa-5F6A4593SMThe emergence of professional academic historians in Japan is the topic of a podcast given by Associate Professor of History Lisa Yoshikawa for the European Union-funded project “East Asian Uses…
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