Field Research

Undergrad Research

Anthropology majors are encouraged to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom and participating in field research is a popular and useful educational component. Starting as early as the introductory courses, students are given opportunities to conduct field work through research methods classes and several electives.

In addition to the opportunities presented through coursework, many students regularly participate in the Geneva Collaborative Internship program as well.

Here's a recent sampling of some of the research our students are doing:

  • James Deja '09 What Class Do You Sit In?: The Psychological Affects of Education
  • Michelle Ernst '09, Orlando Patterson '09, Jillian Petrella '09, Joshua Strenger '09 and Amanda Townsend '09 How HWS Students are Oriented To and Spend Money Downtown, a study for the Geneva Economic and Planning Department
  • Caitlin Evans '09 Evaluating Recidivism Trends: A Semester with the Probation Department
  • Sarah Gummoe '09 Examining Interactions Between Hobart and William Smith Students and Geneva Residents
  • Emily Hecklau '09 Analyzing the Relationship Between the Hobart and William Smith and Geneva Communities through Public Art
  • Christina Kinnevey '09 and Emma Daley '09 Updating the "Success for Geneva's Children" 2009 Report
  • Katie Mancuso '09 A Comparison of the Importance of Phyical Attractiveness and Personality between Hobart First-Years and Seniors
  • Oliver Meeker '09 One Vietnam - Post War Memories and Future Aspirations
  • Samantha Miller '09 William Smith Women, Alcohol and Sexual Behavior
  • Elizabeth Sessions '09 The Stewards of Eden
  • A Study of the Awareness of HWS by Geneva Residents
  • How Prepared Households are for Disasters, a study for the local chapter of the American Red Cross
  • What Constituencies Would Like for Services and Activities, a study for the new Community Center in Geneva
  • Summer Use of the Ice Rink, a study for the Geneva Recreation Department
  • Whether and How Ward I has a Sense of Neighborliness and Community



For more information about these organizations or to learn about starting your own anthropology-themed club, contact Kristen Tobey ( in the Office of Student Activities.



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