Whether it's interning in London, studying in Spain or doing research in Germany, most Hobart and William Smith students will have had some kind of international learning experience before they graduate.

With some planning, anthropology majors can travel abroad and still graduate on time. While the Center for Global Education offers abroad programs on six continents, faculty from the anthropology department sponsor programs in Ireland, South Africa, and Ghana.

Galway, Ireland

The Colleges maintain an affiliation with the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) to provide students with the opportunity to live and study among Irish students at an Irish university. Participants in the program are also encouraged to join one of the many university clubs and organizations in order to directly experience Irish student life and culture. Community service options are available and provide a unique opportunity for students to gain access to the local community.

South Africa

South Africa provides unique opportunities for study abroad students. It is a highly industrialized country that maintains its African identity, thus bridging the gap between Africa and the Western world. Moreover, South Africa provides perspectives on the central issues of race and ethnicity unlike those found virtually anywhere else in the world.

Accra, Ghana

Short-term program led by Professor Jack Harris

Ghana is one of the most dynamic African countries with uninterrupted and thriving democracy, press freedom and steady growth in the past 24 years. Also known as the “Oasis of Peace” in a region where insecurity is rife, Ghana is a popular destination for people around the world who choose to visit Africa. For students and young professionals who have participated in Think Impact’s programs since 2012, they carry a lasting impression of the country home with them. Whether it is the hospitality of the people shown in their smiling faces, the eagerness to help at any time, or the captivating culture and history, an experience in Ghana is incredibly memorable.



At HWS, students have the freedom to study at any of our Global Education destinations.

The featured abroad programs are recommended by the Anthropology department based on content of the curricula.


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