Academic Mentoring Checklist

Do your students know what to call you? (It's not "Mrs" or "Hey")

Office Hours
Are there students who are not able to come to your office hours?
Do they know how to arrange to see you? Or why to visit your office?

The 8 Goals
Do your students know what the "Goals" are and how and when to address them? What responsibility do they have?
What do they do about goals 1 and 2, effective communication and critical thinking?

Not doing well?
Do your students know what to do if/when they're struggling to do well in a course early or late in the semester?

What are your first-year students curious about that might translate to an academic interest?

Students that excel from the start
Do your strong students know how many opportunities there are for them at HWS, how many excellent students there are and where to meet them?
Send them to their FY Dean for ideas!

For the bored or unmotivated
What do your students enjoy doing? Can they do that at HWS? What clubs or organizations can they join? They can find Student Activities staff in Scandling Center; go to Club Fair ("Involvement Expo"); and visit Career Services to connect their interests to possible careers (hence majors).

"Intro" versus "upper" level
What is the difference? What are the expectations for "upper-level" college thinking? Reading? Writing? And speaking? If there's no pre-requisite, why not take a 300-level course spring of the first year?

Academic naiveté
What do your students not understand about critical aspects of academic life, disciplines of research, interdisciplinarity, and curricular options at HWS?

College Athletes
Students with athletic skills and talents are encouraged to pursue those interests, to develop their talents, and most important: to prioritize academic work.