Environmental Representative (EcoRep) Application:


CWID Number:

HWS Email:

Cell Phone Number:

Class Year:

Current semester housing/Room #:

Preferred Shirt Size:






Dietary Restrictions/Preferences?

If you haven’t been an EcoRep previously, why are you interested in becoming an EcoRep? What do you hope to gain from the EcoRep program?

If you had to name one, what is your primary sustainability interest or concern on campus, and why?

How do you plan on addressing this sustainability interest or concern through the EcoRep program?

If declared, please list your major(s)/minor(s) and any extra-curricular activities (clubs, athletic teams, intramurals, fraternities, etc.). Please describe how EcoReps might be able to better partner with your affiliation(s) to advance sustainability on campus:

Are you available to return to campus to attend EcoRep training and FY Orientation August 23rd - 27th and, if so, do you have any other obligations (RA Training, Pre-Season, Orientation Mentor, etc.) during those dates?

Please let us know of anything that makes you unique or you’d like to share- did you climb Mt. Everest?

What is the quirkiest sustainability habit you currently have or aspire to have?


If you have any questions or comments about sustainability initiatives at HWS please feel free to contact us at or (315) 781-4380.


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