November 15, 2015

Dear Members of the Hobart and William Smith Community,

I write tonight with an update on Hobart and William Smith students studying abroad in Europe, all of whom have been confirmed safe. Over the weekend we have been working to confirm their safety and our Global Education colleagues have been in contact with HWS faculty leading our abroad programs as well as representatives from our international partner institutions. We also reached out to those students whose locations we were not immediately able to confirm.

Although the Colleges do not have a program based in Paris and no programs in Europe had an excursion scheduled for Paris, students do travel independently on the weekends. We have confirmed that four HWS students were in or around Paris at the time of the terrorist attacks. All are safe and we are working with them to ensure they have the support they need.

As always, we continue to monitor safety and security announcements from the United States government as well as from governments in the region. We are also receiving messages and updates from the security company with whom we contract to look after the safety of all our students abroad and will pass along any advice specific to students in particular locations.

Members of the Hobart and William Smith community will feel the impact of these events in different ways. Many have friends and family in France or Lebanon where terrorists killed 43 people on Thursday. In the days and weeks ahead, I urge students to take advantage of the services offered by the Center for Counseling and Student Wellness, which can be reached at (315) 781-3388. Counselors are available 24-hours a day; after hours call (315) 781-3333. As always, staff members in Student Affairs and the Deans Offices are also available.


Mark D. Gearan



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