Checklist of Actions Taken

The Colleges are committed to improving our campus policies, procedures and training. The following actions have been taken to ensure that our campus remains a safe and welcome learning environment.

Support for Students

  • After a national search, in the summer of 2015 the Colleges appointed Susan Lee as Title IX Coordinator. Lee oversees efforts around sexual and gender based misconduct. Selected from a national cohort of candidates, Lee has significant expertise in compliance, education and outreach in Title IX. With more than two decades of experience, she most recently served as the Director of Affirmative Action and Campus Diversity at Indiana University South Bend where she was Deputy Title IX Coordinator with Title IX compliance responsibility for a campus of 7,500 students. The Title IX office reports directly to the Office of the President. A dedicated Title IX coordinator has been on staff since September 2013.
  • In order to ensure proper review and timely response to reports of sexual misconduct, as well as to provide individualized support and resources to students, the Colleges established a Title IX Team which includes members of the Office for Title IX Programs & Compliance, the associate vice president for student affairs, a psychologist on staff at the Center for Counseling and Student Wellness, and a faculty member elected to the role.
  • Established a dedicated office suite for the expanded Office of Title IX Programs and Compliance, located at 603 S. Main Street in the Seneca Room Annex.
  • Completed renovations to the Women's Resource Center in Miller Hall.
  • Based on best practices suggested by the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault the Colleges, the Colleges administered the 2015 HEDS Consortium Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey in February and March to better understand the perspectives of students. Results will be published on the HWS website in early October 2015.
  • In January 2015, student clubs as well as campus and community departments and organizations participated in the "Stand with Survivors" event, which included information, resource sharing, and student and faculty performances around the theme. Approximately 200 students participated in and attended the event.

Policies and Procedures

  • The Committee on Faculty organized faculty, staff and students into six working groups to review the Colleges' policy governing sexual misconduct. The groups evaluated the structure and staff of the Title IX office, the definition of consent, reporting, hearing and resolving reported cases, sanctions and language.
  • Taking those reports into consideration, the Colleges are in the process of completing a new Sexual Misconduct Policy that will also contain revisions meant to ensure compliance with updated federal laws and New York State's recent "Enough is Enough" legislation.
  • The Office for Title IX Programs & Compliance provided a copy of the Colleges' Sexual Misconduct Policy to every new student, including first-year students and transfer students. The policy has also been distributed via email to all students, faculty, staff and Sodexo employees.
  • The Office for Title IX Programs & Compliance provided a copy of the brochure "Title IX Know Your Options: Sexual Misconduct Policy Guide to Resources, Responsibilities and Rights" to all students, faculty and staff. This includes a campus map showing the location of all confidential and non-confidential resources.
  • In the fall of 2015 The Office for Title IX Programs & Compliance provided all student residences on campus with a poster titled "Sexual Violence Emergency Support Guide." This poster is also hanging in restrooms and other common spaces of academic and residential buildings.
  • Updated the Colleges' website on sexual misconduct including posting the Sexual Misconduct Policy and related materials.

Education and Training

  • Sent staff to the University of New Hampshire Bystander Intervention Training. Coordinator Lee attended University of New Hampshire Bystander Intervention Training in August 2015.
  • In 2014 trainers from the University of New Hampshire came to campus to instruct 35 faculty and staff members on how to lead/facilitate training on bystander intervention for colleagues and students.
  • We have offered University of New Hampshire's "Bringing in the Bystander" Workshop which empowers students to stand up and speak out against sexual violence to all Hobart and William Smith first year students, together with many non-first year students and athletic team leaders. As of October 2015, more than 800 students have received this training since the start of the Fall 2015 semester. Hobart and William Smith athletics teams also received training, as did for fraternities. Multiple make-up sessions for students have also been held. Bystander training continues to be offered to all students, including fraternities, student government, clubs, and other interested student groups and classes. In 2015 we continue to provide this training in groups to all first year and transfer students.
  • Ten new Bystander Facilitators (faculty and staff) were trained in January 2015, and 10 more, this time including students, were trained in March 2015. In September 2015 a total of 56 Bystander Facilitators were trained.
  • Trained all orientation leaders, mentors and coordinators as well as all resident assistants on the Colleges' sexual misconduct policy and community standards. This training included how to respond to students in crisis and information on the supports/resources available to students.
  • During Orientation, the Colleges held parent orientation sessions to address campus policies and initiatives, including an overview of the Office of Title IX Programs and Compliance and the resources and supports available to students.
  • On the first full day of Orientation, all first-year students attended meetings in their residence halls which included a conversation with a Campus Resource Officer from Campus Safety, who spoke with students about the Colleges' Sexual Misconduct Policy. First-year students received copies of the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Non-Discrimination Policy at this meeting.
  • During Orientation Fall 2014, new students were audience members of an interactive performance by Mosaic NY, a theatre troupe comprised of HWS students dedicated to creating and performing works of theatre that promote dialogue, develop community, celebrate diversity, and encourage the active pursuit of social justice. The peer-based theatre performance was followed by facilitated conversations with trained faculty and staff. Mosaic performed again for Orientation Fall 2015 followed by facilitated conversation. The response from students has been positive.
  • Supervisors, directors and employees received training regarding their responsible employee status, the resources and supports available to students and how to respond to students in crisis.
  • Staff from the Office for Title IX Programs & Compliance met with the faculty to discuss responsible employee status and how to respond to students in crisis; they will meet with faculty once a semester to repeat this message. The Provost and Dean of Faculty held a session for faculty to give them information, resources and tools to have conversations with students on this subject.
  • The Provost and Dean of faculty held a session on Title IX and sexual misconduct for those faculty members teaching first year seminars. This training included how to respond to students in crisis and provided information on the supports/resources available to students.
  • All new faculty in Fall 2015 attended a Sexual Misconduct presentation by the Title IX Coordinator.
  • The Title IX Office trained Campus Safety officers and members of the Residential Education staff on conducting compassionate and effective investigations.
  • The Title IX Coordinator met with all coaches and athletic staff prior to the beginning of the 2015 fall semester to review the Sexual Misconduct policy, the duties of responsible employees, and how to assist individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct or other stressful incidents.
  • A member of the Office of Title IX Programs and Compliance has met with every athletic team to review the Colleges' sexual misconduct policy, to provide an overview of the resources and supports available on campus, and encourage athletes as student leaders to be involved in the campus discussions regarding Title IX and sexual violence.
  • At the start of the fall 2015 semester, the Title IX Coordinator trained all campus athletes, on the Sexual Misconduct Policy with an emphasis on understanding consent, sexual assault and relationship violence.
  • All fraternity officers were provided Title IX and sexual misconduct training in September 2015.
  • Training continues in October 2015 for all student leaders on campus regarding Title IX and sexual misconduct.
  • In the summer of 2014, faculty leadership of the Colleges held three town hall meetings to discuss sexual misconduct on campus and to begin to work together to implement solutions for change.
  • In September 2015, the Colleges hosted a webinar for all current parents that provided an overview of the work of the Title IX office and a review of federal and state laws.

Safety and Security

  • Formed the Sexual Violence Response and Evaluation Team (SVRET) which meets monthly and includes students and representatives from the Geneva Police Department, the Ontario County District Attorney's Office, Safe Harbors, and FF Thompson Memorial Hospital, as well as the staff of the HWS Office for Title IX Programs & Compliance, staff members from the HWS Hubbs Health Center, Chaplain Maurice Charles, Director of HWS Campus Safety Martin Corbett and Assistant Professor of Theatre Chris Woodworth. The SVRET continues to meet and collaborate in the 2015 fall semester.
  • The Colleges are hiring additional full-time campus safety officers.
  • The Colleges completed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Geneva City Police Department which formally recognizes the importance of the Geneva City Police Department as a partner in investigating crimes, including sexual violence, on the HWS campus.
  • The fraternities at Hobart and William Smith wrote to the student body in August 2014 to let them know that as a group, they were forgoing fraternity parties for the beginning of the semester. The same measures were taken in the fall of 2015 with fraternity parties no longer occurring during the first six weeks of the fall semester.

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