Louise Slaughter

April 25, 2000

Described as "one of the powerful women in Congress, Congresswoman Slaughter represents the 28th Congressional District of New York in the U.S. House of Representatives. She sits on the influential House Rules Committee, is vice-chairman of the Research Committee of the Democratic leadership, and serves as whip-at-large.

In her 12 years in the House, Congresswoman Slaughter has earned a reputation as a strong proponent of progressive causes, as well as a hard worker for local interests, especially the economic and employment concerns of her district.

Congresswoman Slaughter will be joined on the panel by Iva Deutchman, HWS professor of political science; Carol Mason, assistant professor of English and American studies; and Elizabeth Newell, associate professor of biology and member of the board of the Geneva League of Women Voters. Deutchman is the author of Capital Sex: Gender in State Legislature, and is frequently called upon by the media to speak about the topic of women in politics.


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