Frank Sesno

October 29, 2001

Frank Sesno has served from 1996 to the present as a CNN Senior Vice President and Washington Bureau Chief. Sesno also worked as co-anchor of "Newsday," a 30-minute daily roundup newscast, as executive editor at CNN in Washington, D.C., and as host of "Late Edition with Frank Sesno." Prior to that he was the anchor of "The World Today" and "International Hour," was a White House correspondent during the Bush and Reagan administrations, and worked as a correspondent with Associated Press Radio Network.

Some of Sesno's most notable assignments and interviews include the rise of the solidarity trade union in Poland, conflicts in Northern Ireland, the shooting of Pope John Paul II, Operation Desert Storm, superpower summits from Geneva to Reykjavik, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Iran-Contra, and the launch of the Mid-East Peace talks in Madrid.



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