Thursday, Nov. 6, 2003

Grover Norquist

Conservative activist, president of Americans for Tax Reform

"The Next 25 Years in American Politics"

Norquist is one of the most connected members of the new Right-Wing movement. He has close ties to the Republican Party, large U.S. business interests, and both the subsidized and regular U.S. media. He is said to "truly represent the nexus of politics, business and media."

Norquist was on the campaign staffs of the 1988, 1992 and 1996 Republican Platform Committees, and formerly served as executive director of the College Republicans. As president of Americans for Tax Reform, a not-for-profit that opposes higher taxes at both the federal and state levels, he helped the Heritage Foundation write the Republican's 1994 Contract with America. Shortly thereafter, he vowed to hunt down liberal groups one by one and extinguish their funding sources.

Norquist has also worked in policy positions for other Republicans, including serving on the National Commission Restructuring the Internal Revenue Service.

In addition, Norquist writes a monthly politics column for the American Spectator magazine, and frequently speaks at regional and state think tanks of the movement. He is also well-connected with large scale U.S. business interests, having served as economist and chief speech writer for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


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