Sam Donaldson

April 20, 2000

Anyone who has ever watched the news knows Sam Donaldson. A 30-year veteran of ABC News, Donaldson has covered the news in the nation's capital for many years and co-hosted several news magazine programs.

Donaldson is probably best known as ABC News White House correspondent, a position he has held on and off for much of his career. He joined the ABC News staff in 1967 as Capitol Hill correspondent and served as the Chief White House correspondent from 1977-1989. Since the premier of Prime Time Live (which he co-anchors with Diane Sawyer) in 1989, Donaldson has covered many major news events, reported on a wide range of topics, and interviewed most of the most powerful men and women in the country and around the world.

Currently Donaldson serves again as Chief White House Correspondent alongside his co-anchor duties on Prime Time Live and the Sunday morning broadcast This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts.

During the recent season, Donaldson co-anchored a special edition of Prime Time Live with Judd Rose, in which the two shared their personal experiences with cancer; conducted an exclusive interview with Dick Morris, President Clinton's ex-political adviser; and interviewed Major Brenda L. Hoster, who accused the U.S. Army's top-ranking enlisted soldier of sexual assault.


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