Election 2000: A Closer Look

September 15, 2000


Rick Davis has more than 20 years of experience in both foreign and domestic political affairs. Most recently, he served as Senator John S. McCain's National Campaign Manager. Davis served as Deputy Convention Manager for the 1996 National Republican Convention and Deputy Campaign Manager for the 1996 Presidential Campaign of Senator Bob Dole. He also worked on the presidential campaigns and White House staffs of Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Davis was the Special Assistant for Policy to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Special Assistant for the Budget to the Secretary of the Interior, Special Assistant for Trade Development in the U.S. Department of Commerce, and consultant to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Davis is a graduate of the University of Alabama.


Congressman James P. McGovern is currently serving his third term in Congress. He serves the House Democratic Leadership as a Regional Whip. McGovern is also a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which oversees the nation's highways and airports. He sits on the Subcommittee on Aviation and the Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment. Before his election to Congress, the 39-year-old McGovern spent 14 years working as a senior aide to U.S. Representative John Joseph Moakley (D-Mass.), dean of the Massachusetts delegation and ranking Democrat on the House Rules Committee. During those years, McGovern was chosen by Congressman Moakley to lead a Congressional investigation into the murders of six Jesuit priests and two lay women in El Salvador. McGovern received his undergraduate and master's degrees from American University.


Andy Hiller, Political Editor for Boston's 7NEWS, is widely regarded as the most provocative political reporter in New England. Hiller also teams with Reuters News Service to provide exclusive polls concerning the race for the White House. He joined 7NEWS in 1993 after covering politics for 15 years at WBZ-TV in Boston. During his career, Hiller has covered virtually every major campaign in Massachusetts since 1977. He began his reporting career at Iowa's Davenport Times-Democrat in 1971. From 1972 until 1977, he was a political reporter in Atlanta for WAGA-TV, where he covered Governor, then President, Jimmy Carter. He is a graduate of Beloit College and Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.



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