HWS 2015

HWS 2015

Inclusive Excellence


Threaded throughout initiatives related to 'Liberal Arts in the 21st Century' and 'Community' is an unwavering commitment to inclusive excellence. By 2015, it will be evident that inclusive excellence is a core value of the institution. We envision a community that goes beyond tolerance of difference to become one of inclusive excellence – one that is guided by the principles of equity, social justice, cultural competence and engaged citizenship.

Inclusive excellence includes all features, ideas, processes and challenges connected to diversity or individual differences. A policy of inclusive excellence pushes the discussion, advocacy and call to action to include far-reaching institutional change that infuses every aspect and sector of the Colleges. Inclusivity is essential to achieving the standards of excellence to which we aspire.

As part of HWS 2015, we will continue to build a diverse community of faculty, staff, students, alums and affiliates. We will develop policies and practices that allow equitable access, progress, success, safety and recognition for all members of the community. We will address, review and revise where necessary all print and online communication to highlight our historic and continuing commitment to inclusive excellence. We will also create ways to have on-going, proactive inclusive excellence dialogue, celebration and education at all levels of the institution. Finally, we will seek curriculum and community development that will result in greater engagement of inclusive excellence at all levels.

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