EcoRep Profiles 2016-2017

Jenna Downs ’20
Majors: Biology and Environmental Studies 
Sustainability Fun Fact: At my house, my mom and I have an organic garden that we tend to and that my brother who is a carpenter built the plots for! We use a rain barrel attached to drip hoses to water our garden and compost to feed our plants with organic nutrients.

Margaret Santinelli ’18
Major: Environmental Studies
Sustainability Fun Fact: I hope to own chickens in the future to have more sustainable eating habits, and I want to expand this idea into a much larger farm later in life. 

Marion Marsh ’17
Majors: Asian Studies and Environmental Studies
Minor: Biology
Sustainability Fun Fact: I like to listen to music in the shower so I can time myself.

Noelle Nichols ’18
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Sustainable Community Development
Sustainability Fun Fact: I ALWAYS have a reusable bottle, mug or tumbler on me at all times

Emily Smith ’18
Majors: Biochemistry and Global Health
Sustainability Fun Fact: I am very passionate about composting and recycling efficiently on campus, and hope HWS can one day eliminate the use of plastic water bottles.

Breezy Swete ’17
Majors: Environmental Studies and Geoscience
Sustainability Fun Fact: I love giving fun reusable water bottles as gifts (especially if I notice that friend using plastic water bottles).

Colin Marker ’18
Major: Environmental Science
Sustainability Fun Fact: I haven’t purchased a plastic water bottle in 3 years. 

Jack Haskell ’19
Mjors: History and Economics
Sustainability Fun Fact: I haven’t used a plastic water bottle in over a year.

Daria Stacy ’19
Majors: Environmental Studies and Writing and Rhetoric
Sustainability Fun Fact: my family is going to start to practice backyard composting this summer.

Yellie Labare ’19
Major: Architectural Studies
Sustainability Fun Fact: I almost always have my phone on battery saving mode so I can charge it less and save energy.

Sebastien Sauvagnat ’17
Majors: Physics and Russian Language and Culture
Sustainability Fun Fact: I often discreetly take empty bottles I find in a garbage and put them in the recycling and after washing my hands I'll often awkwardly pause before reaching for a paper towel as I remember my room is close-by and I can use my towel there.

Christian Thiim ’17
Majors: Environmental Studies and Policy Science
Sustainability Fun Fact: Enjoys pulling trash out of Odell’s pond

Isa Akerfeldt-Howard ’18
Major: Architectural Studies
Minor: Environmental Studies
Sustainability Fun Fact: One way I try to lessen my carbon footprint is by always carrying around a reusable water bottle in order to limit my plastic consumption. 

Sarah Boynton ’19
Major: Political Science
Sustainability Fun Fact: I re-use cloth from old clothes and use them to make new shirts and pants.

Denali Minnick ’19
Major: Environmental Studies and Anthropology
Sustainability Fun Fact: I grow my own food, when in Idaho, in the summer

Angelina Godderz ’17
Majors: Religious studies and Asian studies
Sustainability Fun Fact: I rarely have the lights on in my house. Whenever my friends or family turn them on during the day, I tend to immediately turn them off.

Rachael Brown ’18
Majors: Biology and Environmental Studies
Sustainability Fun Fact: I like to collect cans and water bottles and recycle them

Jesse Singleton ’18
Major: Theatre
Sustainability Fun Fact: I learned about Soylent this past summer and I actually like it.

Natalie Bishop ’18
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Political Science and Media & Society
Sustainability Fun Fact: I do not remember the last time I bought a non-reusable plastic water bottle in the United States (I was forced to buy plastic water bottles while studying abroad in Vietnam for sanitary reasons).


If you have any questions or comments about sustainability initiatives at HWS please feel free to contact us at or (315) 781-4380.


In 2015, HWS ranked No. 53 of 153 schools who reported to Sierra's "Cool Schools" list, earning the highest possible rating in the categories for co-curricular sustainability programs and initiatives, as well as innovation in sustainability.


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