Though the aggregate Geneva High School graduation rate has lingered around the national average of 70 percent, as a community we need to find ways to more effectively support the 30 percent of the cohort that aren't walking across the stage each June. Additionally, there are significantly more challenges that children from economically disadvantaged families face. Those challenges translate into a disheartening trend where children from this sub-group graduate at precipitously lower rates than their peers who don't encounter similar economic hardship.

Our goal is to raise the graduation rate to 90 percent by 2030 for all students.

Cited: Success for Geneva's Children - 2011 Data Report

In a briefing titled, "What Counts: Defining and Improving High School Graduation Rates," the National Association of Secondary School Principals defines the challenge as such:

"Over the past several years, high school graduation rates in the United States have come under intense public scrutiny fueled by a renewed interest in high school reform as well as higher public school accountability requirements. It is accepted almost universally in this country that all young people must be given every opportunity to graduate from high school. Unfortunately, this goal continues to be an ideal rather than a reality in many high schools across the nation."

Additional Information

"Improving High School Graduation Rates" by Kylie R. Stanley and Jonathan A. Plucker; Center for Evaluation and Education Policy, Summer 2008.

"Dropout Prevention: Strategies for Improving High School Graduation Rates" is a briefing report prepared for the North Carolina Family Impact Seminar, Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University.

"Why Students Drop Out of School: A Review of 25 Years of Research" by Russell Rumberger and Sun Ah Lim; California Dropout Research Project, October 2008.


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