Geneva 2030 is dedicated to investing in our children, from cradle to career. Since our inception, Geneva 2030 has brought together community members to work on key goals surrounding Kindergarten readiness, literacy success, STEAM success, graduation rate improvement, and advancing college and career readiness. Through understanding the needs of children and their parents, we collectively bring resources to improve the quality of life; we strive to build effective interventions and supports, knowing their profound and beneficial impact on the individual child, the family, and the community.

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Strive Together

Geneva 2030 is proud to be a sustaining member of the Strive Together network of nearly 70 local communities across the nation working to ensure that every child has the chance to succeed. Employing the Strive Together Theory of Action, our partnership aims to

  • Engage a broad array of community voices to co-develop solutions and strategies
  • Identify systemic inequalities and opportunity gaps in order to determine how to advance equity
  • Continuously examine disaggregated, local data to identify areas for improvement
  • Build on Geneva’s existing resources and facilitate alignment to maximize impact

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Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2011: “Collective Impact”

Stanford Social innovation Review, 2012: “Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work”

The Strive Partnership in Cincinnati unites common providers around shared issues, goals, measurements and results, and then actively supports and strengthens strategies that work.


To learn more about Geneva 2030, contact:

Karen Fahy, Ed.D.
Geneva 2030 StriveTogether Network Director

Laurie Bennett
Geneva 2030 StriveTogether Network Data Manager

Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 781-3825


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Geneva 2030 Highlights

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Geneva 2030 gratefully acknowledges Dr. Philip Breitfeld, Strive Together Network, ESL Charitable Foundation, Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation, Rochester Area Community Foundation and the Wyckoff Family Foundation for ongoing financial support. We also acknowledge support from the City of Geneva, the Town of Geneva, and the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund for previous support. Additionally, we recognize and thank the many organizations and individuals for in-kind contributions of time and talent. These generous efforts are what make collective impact possible.

Geneva 2020 Community Report

2018 Geneva 2020 Community Report

2017 Geneva 2020 Community Report


Geneva Education Foundation
Geneva Education Foundation

Ready Rosie

Ready Rosie is helping parents and teachers in Geneva reinforce fun family engagement that is rooted in literacy, math and communication. Parents of children ages 0-6 years can sign up today by emailing!


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