president gearan

The President's Forum Series, established in the winter of 2000 by President Mark D. Gearan, is designed to bring a variety of speakers to campus to share their knowledge and ideas with students, faculty, staff of the Colleges, as well as with interested community members. Many speakers draw audience members from the surrounding cities of Rochester, Syracuse and Ithaca.

Forum guests generally take the opportunity to visit classes or gather with students and faculty members to discuss issues. Many people have one-on-one interaction with the speakers for the exchange of ideas or thoughts.

The Forum also offers the speakers a chance to experience the vibrancy of life on this campus. Speakers routinely express their gratitude for the opportunity to have discussions with students and faculty members about the work that they do and their perceptions of the fields of interests of the guests. Since many Forum speakers are national and international policy makers, gathering thoughts and suggestions from the Colleges community aids in their future work.

The President's Forum Series will continue to bring important politicians, intellectuals, and social activists to campus-allowing the community the continual flow and exchange of ideas.


Steven Rothstein

Steven Rothstein, the executive director of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, delivered President’s Forum remarks and participated in a panel discussion examining how Kennedy’s presidency shaped the future of American public service, from his leadership during the Cold War to his establishment of the Peace Corps.

During Rothstein’s talk, which began at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, in the Geneva Room of the Warren Hunting Smith Library, he outlined the historical context of Kennedy’s commitment to public service, as well as the strides he made while in office to advance the lives and livelihoods not only of Americans but citizens across the globe.

Rothstein’s visit to campus was part of a series of discussions that use the centennial of Kennedy’s birth as a springboard to discuss key themes of his presidency. The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is partnering with a select group of diverse colleges and universities to explore a host of issues, including science and innovation, arts and culture, civil rights and inclusion, peace and diplomacy and public service.

The symposia offer context for these issues and highlight how far society has come in some areas since the Kennedy Administration and how much progress remains in others. The events are also designed to show how the issues have evolved over the past decades and to spark conversation about their future.

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