Elizabeth Blackwell

National Anti-Slavery Standard

New York, Saturday 24 July 1869
Vol. XXX No. 12
Whole No. 1520

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, twenty-five years ago, was denied admission to all the medical schools of New York, Philadelphia and Boston; but her great perseverance at last opened for her the doors of Geneva College, from which starting-point she has gone steadily onward to her present honored and influential position. But it is needless to multiply examples. Their name is legion. Furthermore, there is a change going on in public opinion which will ultimately make the education of girls of paramount importance in the estimation of all classes. God speed the day of this awakening. Vassar College is one of the signs of its coming; and another is the universal agitation of the question: "Shall women learn the alphabet?" with all its correlatives and consequences. Thirty-four graduates went forth from Vassar College at this year’s close, and they, with the Alumni of past and future years, will represent a higher type of womanhood. Let woman be truly educated, and we may confidently prophesy a higher type of humanity, since she is the Mother of the Race.


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