Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for reasonable and appropriate test accommodations. Accommodations that may be available to students include:

Books on Tape
Students requiring taped texts must complete a CTL Books on Tape Request Form as soon as possible prior to the beginning of the semester. Texts are ordered (when available) through Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D) or from the publisher, and lent to students for use during the semester. Students may also borrow the necessary players from CTL for use for the semester. When taped texts are not available from RFB&D or the publisher, students may request a digitally scanned copy of their texts (E-texts) from CTL, which can be used with screen-reader software.

Students must complete an E-text Request Form and leave both it and the text with CTL staff. E-text requests are filled according to the date needed, while taking into consideration the order in which they were received. Since publishers must first be contacted for files or permission, it is necessary that students plan ahead to provide CTL staff with enough time to process requests. Once a text is received from the publisher or scanned and edited, it can be sent to a student via e-mail, or be picked up at CTL with a pen drive or other portable data storage device, such as a burnable CD.

Students needing notetaking accommodations must complete the Request for Notes Form within the first three weeks of the semester and submit it to CTL staff, as requests for notetakers are filled as they are received. CTL locates students registered for the classes requested and arranges for them to provide copies of their class notes to CTL. These notes are then made available to the student to access. Review our note-taking services policy.


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