September 2013

Madeline Buckley embodies the leadership skills and spirit that Hobart and William Smith students strive to achieve.  She is an outstanding leader on the William Smith Soccer Team.  Maddy’s dedication to her team and the program are second to none.

In addition to her contributions to the soccer team, Maddy deserves to be commended for her selfless dedication to the B+ (Be Positive) Foundation and their cause.  This is an organization that has made its’ motto “kids helping kids fight childhood cancer” a reality.   The B+ organization aides families struck with childhood cancer, funding cancer research, and spreading awareness.  On her birthdays, Maddy does not ask for gifts, instead she asks people to donate to the foundation.  When you meet Maddy the first thing you notice is the “B+” written in permanent marker on her hand.  It is a reminder of the attitude she has chosen to apply to everything in her life each and every day.  Her choice of being positive is uplifting and contagious for those she comes in contact with.  You simply want to be a little more positive yourself after being inspired by this exceptional young woman.  Her positivity is a key influence to her teammates, coaches, and support staff.  She is a leader that those around her wish to emulate in their own lives.

Through her hard work, dedication, and positivity Maddy is a wonderful example to those she comes in contact with.  She truly embodies the characteristic of positivity and incorporates it into her daily life.  Maddy has made a positive impact.  She is a leader in every sense of the word!

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