This residence is not home to a theme house for the 2010 - 2011 year.

Home to only ten students, Zappler House's small living arrangement allows the residents to build a small, close-knit residential community for themselves and enjoy the feel of living in a small house environment.

Each room in Zappler House is equipped with full telephone, cable, and computer/Internet access. It also has two lounges and two small kitchens. Laundry facilities can be accessed in McDaniels house.

Zappler House has been used for various purposes throughout its years as a Hobart and William Smith residence, including co-op and theme housing.


Meal Option: Full meal plan (Geneva, Seneca, or Senior Option)

Room Types: 2 singles, 4 doubles

Window Treatment: Pull-down shades (white)

Bed style: Standard twin. Students over 6'3" may request extra long beds.

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