Hope House


To educate the HWS campus and the Geneva community on the importance of cancer awareness and the practice of healthy habits to reduce the number of possible cancer cases.

The building, also known as Beta Sigma House, is home to 15 students, who have access to a full kitchen, living room and dining room. Laundry facilities can be accessed in the Abbe Center for Jewish Life. Each room is equipped with full telephone, cable and Internet access.

Resident Requirements

  • Applicants should have a positive outlook about cancer awareness and are motivated and optimistic about participating and planning many events related to this theme.
  • Members will sign a Contract Addendum that outlines the expectations and shows his/her commitment to the theme and rules of house.
  • Applicants must be in good standing with the HWS Dean's Offices.
  • Minimum GPA 2.5.



Meal Option: Co-op

Window Treatment: Pull-down Shades (white)

Bed style: Standard twin. Students over 6'3" may request extra long beds.

Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.