Stefani Schmidt '17
“As an incoming First-Year, I knew I would be a Biochemistry major. I knew I would go to medical school. However what I didn’t know, until POAP, was that I could nurture more than my academic self at HWS. As a First-Year, POAP gave me the chance to learn intrapersonally and interpersonally. POAP connected me with like-minded individuals with whom I have become lifelong friends. POAP even set me on an experiential learning trajectory that led to my first study abroad experience in Wales and my second in Australia, a location extremely conducive to adventure. POAP has never ceased to inspire me: from my First-Year trip, to outings as an upperclassman guide, and now, for my final year, as the Field Coordinator. Go into POAP without pre-conceived expectations, and let it inspire you!“

Peter Banks '18
“For me, POAP was, and still is, an unforgettable experience. Doing POAP my freshman year gave me invaluable insight of the colleges I still use, which allowed me to hit the ground running once the academic year had actually begun. As for the trip itself, I cannot speak highly enough of it. It’s the reason I’m still involved with POAP! My trip through the Adirondacks offered amazing sights of nature, as well as an incredibly rewarding experience, during which I made some of my closest friends here at HWS. I encourage every incoming first year to consider the program, it’s an amazing experience that shouldn’t be missed.”

Micah Lynch '18
“POAP has consistently been one of the best parts of college for me. Freshman year, POAP was a great way to meet new people in a more casual environment than Orientation. Sophomore year coming back and being a guide was really special because I got to move in and meet incoming students before everyone else. On the POAP trips, you go to beautiful places by walking or kayaking trails while getting to know your group. By the time you get back to campus it feels as if you’ve known everyone for years. Complete strangers become friends and campus feels like home. I’ve met some of my best friends on POAP and I have to say I really can’t really envision my college career without it.”


If you have questions or concerns about the Pre-Orientation Adventure Program, feel free to contact Dean of Hobart David Mapstone '93 via e-mail or by phone at 315-781-3300.


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