Pre-participation Sports Physicals

Varsity athletics require annual physicals for each sport. Most are provided as a group prior to the season. In the event that a student needs a physical exam during the academic year, they are completed by appointment during the hours of 9 a.m. through 4 p.m. in the health center.

Meningitis Vaccine

The American College Health Association has recommended that all college students become aware of the availability of an immunization to protect students from bacterial meningitis. The vaccine is called Menomune.

The Menomune vaccine is available by prescription. It is a one time vaccine that is believed to provide immunity for three to four years. The vaccine is safe and effective. There can be some local reactions to the injection site, mild fever or soreness. This is similar to any vaccine.

In July, 2003, a bill was passed in New York State that requires college students to either get the Meningitis vaccine or sign a waiver indicating they have been informed of the risks of the illness but choose not to be immunized. All students have been notified of the need to respond to Hubbs Health Center with their personal waiver or statement of immunization.

Memomune vaccine is available through the health center. The health center can order the vaccine or provide a prescription for the vaccine if the student has insurance coverage. The vaccine is recommended but not required for college entry, so many insurance companies do not offer coverage for the full cost of the serum. The serum costs approximately $85-100. There is no charge for administration of the vaccine. Students wishing to order vaccine need to contact the health center.

For more information about the Meningitis Vaccine, read the information sheet provided by the Centers for Disease Control. (PDF)

Immunization for Foreign Travel

Immunization for foreign travel can be obtained through the health center for students participating in programs of travel through HWS. The health care providers will help the student plan the vaccines needed and help order and administer the vaccines. For the most part, the cost for the vaccines is the responsibility of the student.

Prescriptions for Controlled Substances

Each year many Hobart and William Smith students arrive on campus with prescriptions for Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderall, Concerta, Metadate or similar medications for ADD or ADHD. The health center has a strict policy for writing prescriptions for these medications because these drugs are controlled substances in the State of New York and have a potential for misuse or abuse.

The student must come to the health center in person for a prescription request and allow 24 hours for the prescription to be written. Written documentation by the original prescribing health professional must be provided for our health center records. This is to include the medication and dosage. Prescriptions will be written according to these orders.

A student should have a summary of initial treatment plan and/or visits for reevaluation of treatment each year for our medical records. This assures that students are complying with necessary follow up appointments recommended while taking controlled substances.
Prescriptions can be written for 30 days and must be renewed each month.

Any student who misplaces a prescription or has medications stolen will have to report this to the clinic. Stolen controlled substances need to be reported to campus security. Students need to plan how they will secure medications in their residences.

Medications such as anti-psychotics or antidepressants will also require a written order by the original prescribing health provider.



Contact Hubbs Health Center
between 8:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. at (315) 781-3600.