The Office of Campus Safety is staffed by a director, two associate directors, an operations lieutenant, four patrol sergeants, a communications supervisor and 16 patrol officers. Each shift is supervised by a patrol sergeant and provides continuous patrols by uniformed officers for the entire campus. Campus Safety complies with the registration and training requirements of the New York State Security Guard Act. All officers are certified by the American Red Cross in Responding to Emergencies and CPR for First Responders.

Message from Director Martin Corbett

Welcome to Hobart and William Smith Colleges, a truly unique and extraordinary student-centered environment where our students prepare to lead lives of consequence.

At HWS, safety is our top priority and we believe that it is a shared responsibility. Our campus safety team is committed to working collaboratively with members of the Hobart and William Smith community to provide a safe and secure living and educational environment that nurtures the academic and social growth of our students. This collaboration begins with students, faculty and staff understanding and practicing basic safety and security measures and reporting illegal activity or suspicious circumstances immediately to the Office of Campus Safety.

Our annual security report available on our website, which is made available to all students, faculty and staff, is an excellent source of information about our safety and security services, prevention programing and other resources that we offer to the campus community. We encourage you to read this information and become an active partner in contributing to the safety and security of our campus.

Please stop by the Office of Campus Safety, located in the facilities building in Medbery parking lot, or contact me directly at if you have any questions about campus safety services or have any safety and security concerns.


campus safety officer
Chris Beattie, Associate Director of Campus Safety Administration

campus safety officer
Pam McDonald, Communications Supervisor

campus safety officer
Lieutenant Anthony Pluretti

campus safety officer
Sgt. William Hanvey

campus safety officer
Sgt. Maurice Harling

campus safety officer
Sgt. Billy McGowan

campus safety officer
Sgt. Kaleb Wood

campus safety officer
Richard Schoonerman, Campus Safety Officer II

Philip Biehls, Campus Safety Officer I

campus safety officer
Dustin Bovard, Campus Safety Officer I

campus safety officer
Earl Donaldson, Campus Safety Officer I

campus safety officer
Gerry Glasso, Campus Safety Officer I

campus safety officer
Michael Guzman, Campus Safety Officer I

campus safety officer
Bradley Howard, Campus Safety Officer I

campus safety officer
Josh McKimm, Campus Safety Officer I

Christin Palumbo, Campus Safety Officer I

campus safety officer
Sarah Sosnowski, Campus Safety Officer I

Linda Swick, Campus Safety Officer I

campus safety officer
Bryan Verzosa, Campus Safety Officer I

campus safety officer
Timothy Wyman, Campus Safety Officer I



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