CollegiateLink FAQ

Collegiate Link FAQ for Club and Student Organization Leaders

What is Collegiate Link?
Collegiate Link (CL) is a database that chronicles student organization profiles, membership rosters, and events, as well as other engagement opportunities from around campus. All student clubs and organizations must be registered with updated information on CL in order to be recognized within the university as a student group.  A new registration period will be open to all student organizations at the start of each academic year where students will be required to update their organization profiles.  All club communication will be through Collegiate Link so ensure that you are checking the events, announcements, and opportunities posted daily!

Who needs to use Collegiate Link?
All student clubs and organizations will need to use CL in order to be registered with the Student Activities Office as a student group.  This includes fraternities, club sports, and student government organizations.
Why do I need to use Collegiate Link?
Collegiate Link is an incredible resource!  If interested in joining a club or organization, individual students can browse Collegiate Link to gain more information and insight about the organizations they are interested in.  Students can request to join a club through the database as well.  Organizations can market events and opportunities on Collegiate Link so students browsing can learn about ways to get involved around campus.  Clubs and organizations can also post photos, recruit members, message peers, and advertise events on Collegiate Link.
Being registered on Collegiate Link is the only way organizations will be eligible to reserve tables and windows in Scandling, book space for meetings, and register club events.

How do I register my club?
Registration is easy! Use this document to guide you through that process. *Remember that only presidents can register their club!

What about the Involvement Expo and Student Leader Summit?
The Involvement Expo and Student Leader Summit registrations will take place through CollegiateLink. We will inform you via email and through your CollegiateLink profile when those registrations are available in mid-August!

When should our club members start interacting with HWS CollegiateLink?
All club presidents will receive an important email on Friday, August 15th with updates about the next steps in setting up their CollegiateLink profiles and preparing for the Fall semester. Be sure to read this email thoroughly so that you are aware of the next steps! (Like registering events and populating your rosters)

What is the process for New Clubs to register?
All new clubs must get approval from Hobart Student Government and William Smith Congress before being recognized by the Office of Student Activities. Follow these quick steps to begin the process:

  1. Develop a constitution: On the Student Activities Collegiate Link page you will find a sample constitution under the “documents” tab. Use this to develop the basic principles that will guide your club or student organization.
  2. Recruit! Find a faculty or staff member on campus that would be willing to serve as your advisor and begin scouting out potential members. Talk to friends and classmates about whether or not they would be interested in joining your club once it’s approved.
  3. Get club status! Hobart Student Government and William Smith Congress approve all recognized clubs through a simple presentation process at their weekly meetings (Tuesday, 8pm in Coxe Hall). If your club is open to all HWS students, you will want to prepare a presentation about your club idea and request a time on the meeting agenda by emailing wsc@hws.edu and hsg@hws.edu. If your club is College-specific, you will only need to present to that College.
  4. Register your club! Once you’ve received club status from Hobart Student Government and William Smith Congress, visit the HWS Collegiate Link site to “Register a New Organization” and wait for approval from the Office of Student Activities!

Who can register an organization in Collegiate Link?
Only the club or student organization president can register an organization in Collegiate Link.

What is the difference between having club status and being a registered organization?
Recognition by Hobart Student Government and/or William Smith Congress is what allows you to receive club status. Club status means that you are an approved club that can then by registered by the Office of Student Activities. The registration process for groups that receive Club Status is done through HWS Collegiate Link at the link “Register a New Organization.”
Registration Periods:
The Fall 2014 registration period will take place from Friday, August 1st to Friday, August 15th. To receive the benefits of being a registered organization, you must complete this quick process no later than Friday, August 15th.

What about Event Registration?
Information regarding how to register club events through CollegiateLink will be made available to all club leaders in mid-August.

What about Service Hours?
Information on recording service hours for clubs and organizations will be provided at the Student Leader Summit. For now, continue to keep track of your service hours, if applicable, using the same system you’ve used previously.

I’m having trouble!
If you are a club leader or member, contact the Office of Student Activities for assistance with navigating CollegiateLink at 315-781-3513 or via email: studentactivities@hws.edu