HWS Free Skiing And Snowboarding Club

Captian and Presedent

Ryan Densen, Ryan.Densen@Hws.edu

Captian and Vice President

Xander Kalil


Emma Riley


Jessica Ettell


The mission of the HWS FSSC is to get students involved with freestyle skiing inside the terrain park. The purpose of HWS FSSC is to allow anyone with either 1. experience in terrain park to keep developing their skills or 2. students who aren’t as experienced and can further develop their skills in this area. We as a team help each other excel and get better with our skills. We also help students who want to learn new tricks, by explaining the technical aspects of completing it.


Sundays 4:00 - 10:00 p.m. and Tuesdays from 5-10 p.m.


Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.