HWS Club Fencing

The HWS Fencing Club began in 2006. Our mission is to provide an outlet for students of all levels and experience to participate in sport of Fencing. Our main initiative is to instruct, train and compete. Our goal is to compete in an intercollegiate league and to travel amongst colleges and universities in the New York State. HWS Fencing Club is a club team designed to be inclusive and inspire a competitive yet amiable spirit.


James Capreedy
Classics Department


Richard Burroughs - richard.burroughs@hws.edu

Ethan Moniz ’15 - Captain

Practices: TBA

Team Roster:

Turner, Merrill
Vrena, Adriana
Enos, Stephen
Geisinger, Rebecca
Fieldesman, Emily
Moniz, Ethan
Teel, Kevin
Onnemus, David
McArdle, Bryanne


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