2014 Middle States Re-accreditation

Steering Committee

Committee Co-Chairs:

Christine de Denus, Associate Provost, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Anna Creadick, Associate Professor of English


Titi Ufomata, Provost and Dean of Faculty

Paul Kehle, Associate Dean of Faculty, Associate Professor of Education

Fred Damiano, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Peter Polinak, Vice President of Finance

Robert Flowers, Vice President of Student Affairs

Gail McGinn, Board of Trustees Member

Lisa Kaenzig, Associate Dean, William Smith College

David Mapstone, Assistant Dean, Hobart College

John Young, Director of Admissions

Lesley Adams, Chaplain

Elizabeth Newell, Professor of Biology

DeWayne Lucas, COAA Chair, Associate Professor of Political Science

Jo Beth Mertens, Associate Professor of Economics

Kevin Dunn, Associate Professor of Political Science

Maeve Holton '15

Domenic Merolla '16


The Office of the Provost
Coxe Hall
Second Floor
Phone: (315) 781-3304
Fax: (315) 781-3334

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2014 Middle States Re-accreditation

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