Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Edgar Paiewonsky-Conde

Edgar Paiewonsky-Conde has continued to work on the more technical and legal aspects of a long-term project of visual poetry, in which each poem explores a numerical essence. One of his poems in Spanish was published in the May/June issue of La Revista Áurea, a prestigious poetry magazine in Madrid. He has also been working on critical studies on two short stories by Dominican authors Juan Bosch and Pedro Vergés, for a book to be published by Verbum (Madrid) under the title El Caribe cuenta (the Caribbean counts/narrates).


Caroline Travalia

Caroline Travalia is currently directing the HWS program in Sevilla. She is co-editing a volume on the translations of the Spanish series Manolito Gafotas with a professor at the Università di Macerata and another at the Universidad de Alicante. Additionally, she has been appointed Vice Director of the Italian School of Middlebury College Summer Language Schools, beginning in January 2014.


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