Eric Barnes

This summer, Eric Barnes traveled to Dalian, China for a week to work on developing debate in China.  This was part of his work in a 3-year grant involving 5 US colleges. He and co-workers spent 2 days planning strategies for the next 2 years of the grant and then 4 days working with Chinese professors who are interested in working with his group to expand debating in both English and Mandarin.  On the basis of this, HWS will be sending a representative to help in running 5 events in China in the coming school year, teaching more professors and college students how to engage in critical thinking, respectful interactions and rational discussions. 

Steven Lee

Steven Lee returned from a semester as a visitor at the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto and this summer continued work he began there on papers on the topics of the ethics of drone warfare and legal paternalism.


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