Center for Global Education

This past summer the Center for Global Education sponsored two Faculty Study Tours to sites where we offer faculty-led study abroad programs. The center began offering these tours in 2012 when they sent groups to Auckland, New Zealand and Rome, Italy. This summer the groups visited Mendoza, Argentina and Hanoi, Vietnam.
These site visits are designed to introduce faculty to the off-campus program sites in the expectation that they will at some point in the near future propose to direct a program there. The groups are led by a faculty member who has directed the program previously and participants meet and interact with local on-site personnel who work with our programs and experts and practitioners in their respective areas of interest. In addition, groups will visit local sites that students will visit on program excursions and gain insight into what students and faculty experience as part of the program.
The participants in the Summer 2013 Faculty Study Tours were:
Mendoza, Argentina – Richard Salter, Director
Scott McKinney, Kirin Makker, Walter Bowyer, Nan Arens
Hanoi, Vietnam – Jim Spates, Director
Brien Ashdown, Meghan Brown, Anna Creadick, Melanie Conroy-Goldman


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