Donna Davenport

Donna Davenport spent the summer teaching in the HWS Summer Academy for two weeks; performing a solo and presenting a workshop at a Somatics education conference; performing a new duet in the "Moving Landscapes 6" concert in Ithaca, NY; attending a Teagle assessment conference at Franklin Pierce University; and co-authoring a new bi-disciplinary course syllabus for Fall 2013, "Composing Works: Music and Dance Collaboration."

Kelly Johnson

In May Kelly Johnson participated in the Rochester Dance Project. There she performed choreography of Artistic Director Kathy Deihl as well as choreographed and performed an original solo work. In August, she participated in Moving Landscapes in Ithaca, New York. There she was selected to submit choreography in a concert under the direction of Jeanne Goddard of Wells College. Additionally, she was again able to choreograph and perform her original work. Also in August Kelly attended the Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. While attending this conference Kelly was selected to teach a movement class based on gender, sexuality and body politics and perform her originally choreographed solo in a culminating concert.


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