Mark Deutschlander

Mark Deutschlander was notified that he was elected as an Elective Member of the American Ornithologists' Union (AOU), the oldest and largest society for the study of ornithology in the Western Hemisphere.  The election happened during this year's annual meeting in August in Chicago.  Secondly, he has accepted a position as Associate Editor for the AOU's prestigious journal, The Auk, which is being revamped this coming year as The Auk: Ornithological Advances.

Patricia Mowery

In collaboration with Drs. Thomas Burr at Cornell University/New York State Agricultural Experiment Station and Luciana Cursino at HWS, Patricia Mowery received a grant from the USDA-NIFA California Department of Food and Agriculture Pierce’s Disease Program.  In addition, she presented a poster at the American Phytopathological Society meeting in Austin, TX. 


Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan travelled to Belfast Northern Ireland in August to attend the International Mammalogical Congress. Approximately 500 delegates from all over the world presented research papers at the Congress. Professor Ryan presented a talk titled "Using Quaardvark to Enhance Critical Thinking in Mammalogy".  His trip was paid for by a National Science Foundation grant to the University of Michigan, where Dr. Ryan serves as a consultant on the Quaardvark project.

Additionally, Jim Ryan and his former Honors student Dr. Jeremy Cushman (Hobart class of 1996) published "iAnatomy: Interactive Case Studies for Human Anatomy" in August. This interactive eBook is available on Apple's iBookstore in the textbook section. Professor Ryan uses the eBook in his Human Anatomy class. Dr. Cushman is now at the University of Rochester Medical Center in the Department of Emergency Medicine. This project was funded by a Mellon IT "digital pedagogies" grant from the Provost's office. As part of this project Professor Ryan developed a series of 21 videos to teach other faculty how to build interactive eBooks that have embedded movies, slide shows, equations, quizzes and other widgets.


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