Provost Briefs

The Religious Studies Department

The Religious Studies Department has been very busy in the past year. Professor Susan Henking has taken a leave-of-absence in order to take over the reins as President of Shimer College in Chicago, Illiniois. Professors Michael Dobkowski and Richard Salter are co-ordinating the Genocide and Human Rights Symposium, funded by Dr. Edward Franks (’72), that has been running since Spring semester 2012. Salter directed the HWS program abroad to Mendoza, Argentina, in Fall 2012. Professor Dobkowski has a chapter in Brian Pennington, editor, TEACHING RELIGION AND VIOLENCE, "'A Time for War and a Time for Peace': Teaching Religion and Violence in the Jewish Tradition"( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012), pp.47-73. Dobkowski has also written seven book reviews in the last year or so for Jewish Book Council. Dobkowski was also actively engaged in helping organize and lead The March: Bearing Witness to Hope Student Leadership Mission to Germany and Poland in May 2012. He sits on The Farash Foundation Grant committee, helped write the grant proposal and was very involved in the decision and planning for the James Carroll and Rebecca N. Goldstein lectures this spring. Professors Etin Anwar and Sal Kafrawi are preparing for sabbatical leaves in Indonesia for academic year 2013-14. In the future they hope to direct programs abroad there. Each has received tenure in the past two years. Professor John Krummel has been busy with publications and translations from Japanese. Among his other publications this year are “Nishitani Keiji: Nihilism, Buddhism, Anontology.” In: Gereon Kopf (ed.). The Dao Companion to Japanese Buddhist Philosophy. NYC: Springer Pub., 2013; two of his translations from Japanese are included in the same volume: a translation of Uehara Mayuko. “Nishida Kitar? as Buddhist Philosopher – Self-Cultivation, Theory of Body, and Religious Worldview” and a translation of Takemura Makio. “On the Buddhist Thought of Tamaki K?shir?.” Krummel has also published a book chapter, “Being and Nothing: Towards an Anontology of Anarchy.” in Vishwa Adluri & Alberto Martinengo (ed.). Hegemony and Singularity: The Philosophy of Reiner Schürmann. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 2013. In November 2012, Professor Anthony Cerulli published his book, Somatic Lessons: Narrating Patienthood and Illness in Indian Medical Literature. Cerulli is currently in Paris, France, on a fellowship from the European Institute of Advanced Studies and is carrying out research related to his concurrent National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellowship. Cerulli's work is on the research project, "The Study of Gurukula: South Indian Traditional Medical Education and Its Classical Texts." We are also pleased to note the publication in paperback of Visiting Professor Fay Botham’s book, Almighty God Created the Races: Christianity, Interracial Marriage and American Law (University of North Carolina Press). Visiting Professor P. Pratap Kumar has recently published Hinduism and The Diaspora: A South African Narrative, Jaipur, New Delhi, India: Rawat Publishers. He was also co-editor with Jonathan Duquette of Classical and Contemporary Issues in Indian Philosophy and Religion, (Festschrift in honour of Prof. T.S. Rukmani), New Delhi: DK Print Publishers.



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