Provost Briefs

Warren Hunting Smith Library

The library fully implemented the library liaison program to systematically track the curriculum and map curricular need onto collection activities. For the first time since 2004, we saw an increase (albeit small) in monographic purchases. The Collection Development policy was fully implemented with monographic purchasing balancing overall curricular demand with individual faculty requests. The Library implemented partnerships with two consortia - ConnectNY and IDS Project - both will allow us greater access to collections and as well as a means of stretching budget dollars through shared initiatives.

Funded by a $150K grant from the Alden Trust, the Barron Lab was renovated to accommodate GIS work, but was also reconfigured to provide better 24-hour space - including soft seating, table and carrel space. This greatly enhances the available 24-hour study space, and gate counts suggest that we are meeting demand. After a 4.2% cut in FY2011, the library received an 11% increase in FY2012. The Library completed the development of software that will enable a systematic review and, when necessary, deaccession of materials.


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