Provost Briefs

The History Department

The History Department has had a busy year. They are in the midst of rethinking the major and expanding the curriculum. To this end Professors Crow, Free, Yoshikawa, and Kadane have all proposed new courses, which they will be teaching for the first time in 2013-14; Kadane's will be the initial attempt at a new major requirement: a historical methods/historiography class. Colby Ristow has been promoted with tenure to Associate Professor. His book manuscript was accepted for publication this summer by the University of Nebraska Press. Kadane's The Watchful Clothier was published by Yale University Press in January; he was also invited to give a talk in France over the summer. This past December saw the publication of Laura Free's book chapter, "Susan B. Anthony and the Struggle for Women's Rights," by the University of Rochester Press. In late 2012 and early 2013 Matt Crow gave papers in London, Princeton, St. Louis, and Savannah, Georgia; Lisa Yoshikawa delivered a paper at the British Association for Japanese Studies conference in Norwich (UK) and organized a panel, for which she chaired and gave a paper, at the American Historical Association in New Orleans; Elizabeth Thornberry, currently Visiting Scholar at the Center for Law and Society at the University of Cape Town, presented papers at RIT, the annual meeting of the African Studies Association, and the University of Stellenbosch; and Dan Singal finished a lengthy review essay entitled "Film, Popular Culture, and the Melting Pot as Seen Through the Lens of Modernism," which will appear this summer in the journal Modern Intellectual History. The department also continues to meet several times a year to discuss each other's work. This past year has seen presentations by Clif Hood and Matt Crow, with high student turnout at both events. History Department student accomplishments are numerous. Two stand out for so directly continuing the tradition of the department. Mary Posman's 2012 Honors thesis has just been published as "Rochester, Refugees, and the Jewish Community, 1930 to 1950" Vol. 74 no.2 of Rochester History (Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County). Mary is also working on a Masters in History and Human Rights at Boston College. Chelsea Hudson ‘12, HIST minor, INDV Sino-Japanese Relations and RUS majors who worked closely with Yoshikawa got into and is attending the MA E Asian Studies program at Columbia University, with a concentration in Japanese history. She is planning to go on to do a Japanese history PhD.


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